Tuesday, April 24, 2007

anotation 4...

"White-Tailed Deer: The Phantom Menace" - David J. Cantor

The overpopulated deer are a biological threat of the safety in suburban America. The reproduction rates have increased because of the surviving deer have more food per animal. The overpopulated deer are being blamed for eating ornamental vegetation, preventing types of forest regeneration, causing diseases and car collisions. Overall, deer are being blamed of their interference for invading residential areas. Small amount of hunting licences in America. Surveys reveal that hunting is unethical by the increasing majority of the people. Some people may oppose hunting, but they can blame a deer(s) if they are an inconvenience. Several of local governments, such as park commissions, public safety committees, township boards and councils have occasionally received complaints about deer from members of the area.

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