Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 2 RAFT#2 Favorite Place in the World: Show, don't tell!

Show, Don't Tell Assignment
Think of your favorite place in the world. Describe it in a RAFT assignment using the following format.
R - travel agent or real estate agent
A - possible consumers (travellers or buyers)
F - advertisement brochure
T - My favorite place in the whole world.

My favorite place in the world is relaxing and it makes me think about my future. I think about how my future will succeed many times over the weekends, weekdays, and during the summers in this comfortable room. It is my own place that I can do anything to, by decorating it into my own style. There is every you need for the day inside this room. Yes, even those midnight muchies! This room also has a huge closet that has five shelves and big clothing space. It has all wood interior which reminds poeple of a cool cabin in the hot summer days! Plus the floors are an easy clean up. This room costs about, mmm......more than all of the money in the entire world!

Day 1 RAFT#1

R (Role) - You
A (Audience) - Mr. Hatten, the class and the World Wide Web
F (Format) - Blog
T (Topic) - Your Spring Break and comments about third trimester

Dear Mr. Hatten, the class and the World Wide Web,
My springbreak was relaxing and full of fun. I went shopping and bought some new spring clothes, that were on sale. Several of the shopping malls I went to were on sale. I slept everyday until noon. I finally caught up on my sleep. I did not do any homework of any kind! First time ever!! :) Third trimester I hope to succeed in writing and working with the wiki more.